Spring Turkey Hunts


Imagine a sunrise filled with the sounds of whipper wills, hoot owls, and not one but 10-20 different gobblers sounding off in one section of timber.  Oh it's possible and happens regularly in

our Turkey timbers.  Spring turkey season starts usually around the second week of April with Toms and hens grouped together and Toms being very uncooperative.  But keep in mind there is always that

first bird that just can't wait to get shot.  The mornings just starts and you get a bird into with in range and bang you miss!  We just move on to the next one.  With populations at an all time high it is nothing to see multiple

groups of toms strutting in open green and crop fields.  We welcome both shotgun and archer hunters and have the facilities to handle just about anyone.  This is a great trip to enjoy a spring vacation bringing your spouse or

favorite hunting buddy and enjoy a days hunt and a night filled with fun and a friendly game of cards. 











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